Fights due to lack of officers

Momase, Normal

The National, Thursday November 7th, 2013


TRADITIONAL land issues in Yus, Kabwum, Morobe have resulted in fights because of the lack of land mediators and police, a public servant says.

Patrol officer Munu Owewe said it had contributed to the rise in law and order problems.

Owewe raised his concern at Nasingalatuc, Finschhafen, while accompanying three land mediators – Robin Yalep, Esing Ewo and Yam Pero – to attend their induction last month.

Yus is accessed only by air. It is located north-east of Lae along Sarawaget and Finisterre, and bordering Nayudo and Nahurawa local level government in Raicoast district, Madang.

Yus has 13 wards divided into four zones – YopnaOne and Yopna Two, Uruwa and Som – with three mediators to cater for each zone.

“Land issues, police cases and transport access are major setbacks affecting the people from being involved meaningfully in socio-economy activities and public servantsin their daily lives.

“Health workers and teachers are the worst affected officers. They never come to Lae until December.”

The mediators have not been able to arbitrate disputes after the first induction at Dengado in 2010 because their names were not gazetted with the secretariat for the village court through the Attorney-General’s Office. 

“It is our desire to come and attend the induction and ensure the mediators’ names are gazette so that they begin on the backlog of customary land issues immediately,” Owewe said.

The services available are the two health centres at Teptep and Gangrut, 11 primary schools, 13 VHF radios installed in each ward and a VSAT radio at Bungawut.