Fine those who chew buai in public

Letters, Normal

The National

Banning the sale of betelnut in public is excellent but is not enough to keep our city clean.
Betelnut sellers are only half of the cause. 
The other half must also be tackled and that is the hardest – chewing public.
The sellers are bearing the brunt of the NCDC’s cleaning force while the chewers are standing innocently observing, chewing and spitting at Powes Parkop’s face.
How can we fix this problem? 
It is simple if NCDC is willing.
Just create a proper legal framework to enforce penalties for chewing buai. 
Impose a K500 fine on betelnut sellers who sell the nuts with mustard and lime, making it easy for chewers to chew and spit on the spot. 
As for the chewers, fine them K1,000 as they must be hit hard.
I would like to tell readers that several years ago, when the late Raphael Dowa was the Mt Hagen city manager, he would impose a fine on anyone who chewed betelnut in public. 
Believe me, it was magic!  The people stopped chewing in public in fear of being fined. 
In fact, this is the sensible approach because if anyone chews in public, the most obvious thing is that he will spit in public. 
I think Hageners were smarter back than.
The city was the cleanest next to Goroka in those days.
The buai sellers did not go broke neither did I hear people complaining their democratic rights were violated.
It is simple common sense and being responsible.
So NCDC, you must hit the chewers and hit them hard. 
When you hit them, you will find that it really helps your efforts to keep the city clean.


Paul Wagun
Port Moresby