Fines up to K10,000 for offence

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PEOPLE have been warned that they face spot fines of up to K10,000 if they disobey orders issued under the National Pandemic Act such as the wearing of masks in public places.
Acting health secretary Dr Paison Dakulala, who is also the National Pandemic Response deputy controller, yesterday again reminded the public that police would enforce the wearing of masks and the observance of all public health measures.
But when questioned further by The National on how and when these fines could be enforced, Dakulala said “at this stage there are no penalty fees”.
“It’s just those kind of measures where police will be around and ensure people adhere to the orders,” Dr Dakulala said.
He said if one was caught not wearing a mask in a car or bus by the police, he or she would be ordered off the vehicle and told to walk.
“When you are in the bus and not wearing mask you are putting yourself and others at risk.
“So police will tell you to get out of the bus,” he said.
“You have to be responsible and wear a mask.”
He warned bus drivers to carry up to 15 people, provide hand sanitisers and ensure passengers wear masks.
“If the drivers don’t adhere to these instructions, your bus licence will be deregistered,” he said.
According to Section 43 (1) (spot fines) of the National Pandemic Act 2020, the controller may impose spot fines not exceeding K10,000 on persons for non-compliance of directions or for general noncompliance of the provisions of the act.
Section 47 states that a person commits an offence if the person refuses or fails to comply with a direction notice or instruction.


  • Authority on ground its another sloppy complimentary of what they are doing and ongoing. This is what the responses up in their (authorities/law enforcers) mind sets right now “Thank you, I really appreciate your taking the time to express that.” They may seem reality but they may then slit into sort of negotiations or bargain with pmv drivers/crews and whatever enforces is just the word on the street. Yu tok K10.00 or K10,000.00 , K5.00 or K5,000.00 em buai smuk deal yaa or narapela niupla samtin…. em day to day business ya yu no save yet….na ol policies toktok lo bai kamap bai no inap tru… ol disla policies bai kamap pepa nothing tasol.

    Solution…. moving forward its about time now to invest on technology to ensure there is remote control (install cameras/CCTVs) in place to monitor all the potential check points around the city to ensure both pmvs/ illegal driving/ unworthy vehicles/ all sort of traffic activities couple with law enforcers are both under surveillance. For stringent compliance the monitoring system assign to a different body altogether neither than the police or traffic. ….Amen.

  • K10,000 fine for the pandemic act penalty. I would love to see if the foreign pilot who flew the drug plane be slept with this penalty as well!!

  • K10,000.00 fine for not wearing masks.Jesus throw this person alive in to the furnace like daniel’s friends.Find other alternate ways to help poor people.

  • K10 000??? Totally unbelievable. How many people have already died of COVID 19?? You have made enough money already from all your fat lies. How much more money do these heartless money hungry people at the National Pandamic Control Centre want from WHO and those international donors? Now uplift all those unnecessary bans. People have suffered enough. God ia watching! We will reap what we sow.

  • I guess some villagers and even some workers do earn very little to non. Thus, many depend entirely on marketing and subsistence farming. Where would this K10.000.00 come from? From the people? For goodness sake…

  • Unrealistic, sounds funny, if its true then its a childish policy, not make any sense. Be realistic!

  • Where are we going to get this K10,000.00 from. Wanem everyday PNG govman save putim K10,000.00 lo pocket blo mipla ol ples man meri o ? It like nail penetrating skul.

  • “at this stage there are no penalty fees” – and yet you guys pairap osem popcorn stap. Instead of slapping an exorbitant fine like this – use the monies the entire world donated, give boxes of masks to police officers who can start giving out masks to the public whenever they are on patrol. Usim disla head God givim ya…

    How can you police this regulation when masks are being sold? Man… ating se ol mask sa grow lo diwai gen ia laka?

  • This is so crazy and is a complete burden on poor citizens and it looks like the government is trying to rob us but how can we protest against such bias fines when PNG no longer feels democracy?

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