Finschhafen holds prayer day to mark independence

National, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

FINSCHHAFEN district in Morobe will hold a prayer day instead of celebrations to mark the country’s 37th independence anniversary this weekend.
Finschhafen district administrator Carl Baga said because Independence Day fell on Sunday, they had decided to have a prayer day to reflect on their lives.
“September 16th is this Sunday and we will not be having any celebrations.
“However, the people of Finschhafen are asked to take the time to reflect on their lives,” Baga said.
He said since the floods began last month, the district was concentrating on providing relief to the people who had been affected.
“The flood has not subsided and the high water level is still the same,” Baga said.
“We have been given water containers and 10 tons of rice, five tons of which will be given to the people in Tewai-Siassi and the other five tonnes will be distributed to the people of Finschhafen.”
Baga said no work had been done on roads and no restoration work had been carried out because of the continuous rainfall in the area.
Nawaeb district administrator Mathias Awagasi said even though the respective local level governments in his district were going to host their own independence celebrations, he did not know if the district would hold one.
“My LLGs will be having their own celebrations but I cannot comment on the district level because independence celebrations on such a big scale will need funding,” Awagasi said.