Firm donates keyboard for comp

National, Normal

The National, Friday June 21st, 2013

 KEYNOTE Music House donated a Yamaha digital keyboard valued at K 1,579 as one of the prizes for the 2013 youth against corruption anti-corruption song writing contest.

Youth Against Corruption Association (YACA) is an organisation for youth who are challenged to reject the attitudes that support and allow corruption to happen and to refuse to practice of corruption.

It brings to young people, an opportunity to be heard and to express their willingness to “Be the Change”, the chosen theme for the contest. 

The aim of the songwriting contest was to provide an avenue for young people to express what they feel about corruption, to create awareness on corruption in PNG and to empower youth to take action against corruption through music.

Keynote general manager Jim McNeil said he was eager to support YACA stating that their contribution helped to give the members of YACA an opportunity to be heard by the wider community and create a new generation of young people actively taking a stand against corruption.

The contest was launched on June 6 and will close on July 26. 

Lyrics submitted must have the words “Be the Change”.

The competition is open to those between 15 and 30 years.