Firm gives food rations to inmates

The National,Tuesday June 14th, 2016

A COMPANY has donated 10 bales of rice to Beon jail to help feed the 370 inmates there.
Sigman Construction handed the food to Beon jail commanding officer Superintendent Tita Wada last week.
Wada said the jail had been obtaining food on credit from shops to feed the inmates in the past two months. “The delay in getting food rations is due to the delay in payment and release of funding from Waigani.  The Correctional Service headquarter is working to have that fixed,” he said.
The company’s operations manager Walter Ragi said the rice would feed the inmates when the jail was facing a food shortage.
Inmate Francis Kawai on behalf of the prisoners thanked the company. Aisona fish shop in Madang also gave fresh fish to the prison.