Firm shows support for eco-tourism by helping park

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A business executive has thrown his weight behind eco-tourism saying the industry is both sustainable and a good income earner.
The support came from Red Sea Housing Limited chief executive William Mills yesterday at the opening of two ticket booths at Port Moresby Nature Park.
The company funded the booths at a cost of K22,000, its fourth project at the park.
Mills said the company believed in giving back to communities by supporting sustainable entities such as Port Moresby Nature Park, which it has been helping since 2015.
Red Sea Housing’s other projects were a commercial kitchen, a training centre and a bird of paradise aviary.
“We feel proud of our partnership, as not only are we giving back to the community, but we are supporting a sustainable entity and a project that will see sustainable growth in the future,” Mills said.
“Eco-tourism is in its infancy stages in the country and this is the first taste of what it is all about in many respects.
“When people come here they want to go and see the environment and nature, and it is difficult at times to go and see everything that is encapsulated here, so this is really the first step and will continue to grow.”
Port Moresby Nature Park general manager Michelle McGeorge said: “For a very long time we have dreamed of improving our ticketing booths but we have never been able to fund this, but now, through the support of our ticketing parties, our dreams have come true.”
There are now five ticketing windows.
The park is expected to attract up to 145,000 visitors this year, compared to 35,000 eight years ago.
The ticketing booths were built by Electrical Construction and Management Company with alarm systems donated and installed by the security firm G4S.