Firm working against local union: Watut village rep

Lae News, Normal


THE Union of Watut River Community Association has called on the Morobe Mining Joint Venture Company (MMJV) to immediately cease the contract with the Tranorama consultancy firm.
Association president Kevin Mon said in a letter dated Dec 13 to MMJV, that the company was working against the union.
Mr Mon said the union should be recognised because it has representatives from all councillors in the affected areas.
The letter followed a meeting between Tranorama and representatives from the upper, middle and lower Watut.
He said the meeting was rushed through and closed before any representative could raise queries. Ony one representative had the chance to pose a question.
Mr Mon also said despite the presence of a representative from the Mineral Resources Authority (MRA), there was no officer from the Department of Environment and Conservation and the Morobe provincial administration.
He accused MMJV of using a helicopter to fly representatives from the three Watut communities who had not been party to the original agenda.
According to Mr Mon, they were only used to make up numbers for the damages assessment study report.