Five Madang districts begin counting ahead of Raicoast

National, Normal

The National,Friday July 13th, 2012

ONLY Raicoast in Madang is likely to begin its counting on Saturday while the other five districts began theirs.
Raicoast returning officer Jimmy Aspel  said due to logistics problems, the polling team that covered
inland Naho Rawa LLG arrived yesterday in Madang town and were transported directly by dinghy to Saidor station.
“Counting officials and scrutineers will be briefed on Friday and counting will officially begin Saturday,” Aspel said.Bogia and Usino-Bundi will begin counting today.
Usino-Bundi  returning officer Steven Biko said the counting of 27 ballot boxes for 41
candidates should  begin at 8am after satisfactory polling despite hiccups.
Bogia returning officer John Nobi denied reports that he kept two ballot boxes in a police officer’s residence and caused the delay.In Sumkar, after count four, MP Ken Fairweather polled 1,418 to trail leader Chris Kalik Mora on 1,891 votes.
Rtd Army Brig-Gen Jerry Singirok polled 1,101, Mugiar Yass 467 and Jacob Sareng with 462 votes.
The counting began at 8.30am at Talidik Primary School and suspended at 4pm
yesterday.Sumkar has 18 boxes and will resume counting the remaining 14 boxes today.
In Middle-Ramu, counting started at 10am and after count two, MP Ben Semri polled 171 while Joshua Asarik led with 834 votes.
Former MP Asik Tommy Tomscol was second with 642 followed by John Mavi Skand 237 and Kiap Paul
Agnawand 234 votes.
Middle-Ramu has 30 boxes and 28 are yet to be counted.