Fleming confident of BSP’s future


BANK South Pacific Financial Group Limited (BSP) chief executive officer (CEO) Robin Fleming says he is confident that the bank will continue to progress under the leadership of the board and young leaders.
Fleming, who is leaving the bank at the end of the year, said a selection process for the new CEO had commenced and shareholders would be informed when the process was concluded.
He said BSP had exceeded expectations by becoming Papua New Guinea’s leading financial institution and in the Pacific.
“Twenty years after privatisation, BSP is a proudly Papua New Guinean institution.
“It is an institution which I am sure all who entered into the privatisation would have expected. It is something we should all be proud of as shareholders, notwithstanding the challenges we face from time to time, be it taxes, elections or otherwise.
“I have great confidence with our directors and young leaders who have the capability to carry on with the bank’s progress and growth.”
Last month, Fleming advised the BSP board that he would not be seeking an extension of his contract end of this year.