Flowers helping dad send kids to school


It’s flower power in Goroka with a local florist there being able to pay his children’s school fees for the past 10 years through the sale of flowers.
Kay Nupore, 45, from Akameku village in Goroka, paid for his five children’s school fees and met all his family’s daily needs through selling flowers.
Nupore started his flower business in 2007 in Goroka with small nurseries and a variety of flowers.
He said the family’s coffee harvest was seasonal, however, money came in on a daily basis through the sale of flowers.
“I usually earn K100 per day, sometimes K150,” Nupore said.
“The flowers help my family daily.
“I have been able to pay my children’s school fees over the last 10 years through income we get from selling flowers.”
It’s a family affair as his wife and children chip in.
He sells seedlings, cut flowers and stalks for replanting.
Nupore expanded his business to Lae three weeks ago with all flowers coming from Goroka.
He plans to open a bigger nursery in Goroka next year to supply flowers to major centres like Port Moresby and Rabaul.
The latest species he’s growing and selling is a black orchid called Meri Buka.