Following where dad left


A FAMILY is raising funds to complete a church started by their late father.
The Airi sisters, Rebecca and Rahab, sell small boards with painted Bible scriptures at markets in Port Moresby and the money they make goes to help build a local church in memory of their father who passed away in 2015.
Older sister Rebecca was an evangelist whose Word ministry was part of the Evangelical Church of Kivori in Kairuku, Central.
“The church our father started in the village is deteriorating and we wanted to help rebuild it in memory of him,” she said.
“We paint Bible scriptures on the small boards and sell them at the house and craft markets to meet the cost of the building materials.”
Rebecca said the boards were sold not only to raised funds but also spread the Gospel in homes.
She said her father had initiated the Word ministry which had sold Bible themed crafts and scriptures to church members and now the public.
“Our big brother paints the scripture boards and we do the marketing,” she said.
Rebecca said the family was inspired to rebuild their father’s church to honour him and carry on his work.
She said the ministry had helped a lot of people change their lives.
Their scripture boards range in price from K10 to K50 depending on their size. In 2010 and 2011, Rebecca and her mother used to sell paintings and boards at the Tabari Market in Port Moresby to raise funds for their father to attend a theological college however, they had stopped when their father passed on.
They stopped selling the boards when their father passed away.
Rebecca said this was because they were grieving and had lost their desire to create craft pieces and other works of art as a result of their father’s death and the ministry stopped functioning as well.