Football case still pending, says Daniels

Normal, Sports

THE former vice-president of PNG Football Association Seth Daniels has denied that the court case between him and PNGFA was amicably resolved.
Daniels yesterday told The National from Lae that he was surprised to learn from media report that the court case had been resolved amicably between the disputing parties.
He said the matter was pending before the Supreme Court following a successful appeal by PNGFA lawyers.
Last October, Supreme Court directed the appellant, David Chung and the lawyers, to obtain a hearing date for last  November but they  failed.
Daniels said he was now seeking to have their appeal dismissed for failing the court directions to obtain a hearing date so their appeal could be dealt with.
Daniels said he respected the court decision and the PNGFA had the right to appeal against the decision.
He said he had not spoken to any executive member of PNGFA, including current PNGFA vice-president John Kapi-Natto.
His only disappointment was that the court process is taking too long and wanted the case resolved so affiliated members could carry on with football activities.
Daniels called on PNGFA to ensure the OFC/FIFA funding reach the affiliated members.
“It seemed the PNGFA had forgotten their role and responsibilities by concentrating on National Soccer League (NSL) only.”
Though, he supported the NSL concept, the former vice-president wanted to see the  NSL competition run separately and independently than other PNGFA sanctioned tournaments.
He also said PNGFA should know the reasons why they had suspended the little association and not to ask, how and why PNGFA had suspended member affiliates.