Former judge ‘quite annoyed’ with report

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The National, Monday February 10th, 2014


AN angry former national court judge Mark Sevua has called on lawyer Ralph Saulep to immediately apologise to him and members of the Commission of Inquiry into the University of Technology or face legal action.

He was responding to a report in The National on Friday in which Saulep, former Pro-Chancellor in the former Unitech council, criticised the current council headed by Chancellor Sir Nagora Bogan and questioned the findings of the Sevua Report.

“I was quite annoyed when I read this,” Sevua said.

“Ralph Saulep has obviously accused us of not doing a good job.

“I dispute that.

“I’m annoyed and I’m offended for a small boy like Ralph Saulep to criticise me and my team.

“I ask who is Ralph Saulep?

“He needs to tell me and my team, my committee, where we have failed in addressing the issue.

“We were given six terms of reference and we covered all those six.

“Ralph Saulep needs to come out and tell the public, the students, the university and, the parents, that he didn’t want to talk to the committee in Port Moresby.

“He gave us the excuse that he was sick.

“Both Ralph Saulep and (former vice-chancellor) Misty Baloiloi failed to turn up for the investigation, so Ralph Saulep should not complain.

“He should not point fingers at the investigation team and he should not point fingers at Sir Nagora Bogan, he should not point fingers at anyone.”

Sevua said Saulep had read the Sevua Report and everything was contained in there.

“If he accuses us of failing in this report, I want him to tell me and my team where we failed because the final report contains the set-up in which you will read the terms of reference and you will read what follows.

“Who is Ralph Saulep to question my ability and the integrity of my team?

“I want to warn him and I’m demanding an apology to me and my team for what he says against us.

“If he’s not careful, I’m going to sue him.

“He should shut up and accept the findings of the investigation team.

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