Foundation hatches ambitious plan

National, Normal

The National, Friday August 2nd, 2013

 THE Digicel Foundation  is making headway to ensure its support covers all provinces, districts and local level governments.

The foundation was doing this by calling on members of Parliament to work with it in joint venture partnerships. 

This initiative was made known during a meet and greet between Digicel Foundation executives led by chairman Richard Kassman, stakeholders and Kompium Ambum MP John Pundari this week. 

Kassman said the new “game plan” was to reach the 89 districts and local level governments in their bid to spread the Digicel flag all over the country.

Kassman said the secret to their success was having key partnerships and the foundation wanted to embrace that by enhancing its relationship with the MPs as equal partners in delivering services.

Kassman said the five core goals of the foundation were to provide basic education and health, to ensure marginalised communities were self-reliant, fight against domestic violence, and provide for special needs where applicale.

The foundation used one of its success stories, the “easy learning programme”, to promote its new plan.