Foundation sounds warning

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The National, Wednesday March 12th, 2014

 Engan students in tertiary institutions have been warned not to participate in protests and boycotts or their financial assistance will be withdrawn. 

In a statement yesterday, Isaac Lupari said all Engan students should stay out of activities that may affect their education. 

Lupari raised the warning after students at the University of Technology decided to boycott classes over the vice-chancellor saga. 

“This is an unacceptable behaviour of Engan students if they are involved in this boycott,” he said. 

Lupari said they should know that their ultimate priority was to study and get educated which was owed to the province and parents.

“We support our students with financial assistance for them to study and get education qualifications. Not for them to participate in students’ demonstration, protests and boycotts,” Lupari said. 

“There are no benefits at all, they must tell us what benefit they are going to derive by involving in such activities. Nothing,” he said.

“I am now warning all Egan students in our higher learning institutions, including University of Papua New Guinea, that if they get themselves involved in demonstrations, protests and boycotts, they will not receive financial assistance from the foundation.”

He asked all Engan students at Unitech to return to classes and refrain from participating in the boycott. 

“If they do not, the board of Ipatas Foundation Inc will not hesitate to suspend its financial support.