Foundation to help the less fortunate city

Lae News, Normal

The National – Tuesday, February 1, 2011

THE Claire Holistic Foundation (TCHF) is helping to improve a lot of marginalised people in Lae.
Founder Claire Chow and a director of the foundation Dr Laki Iss said last Friday that the first place to start was in the mind.
They had conducted a week-long workshop for 14 community youth leaders from the Nawae Block.
The youths had graduated with leadership certificates that would enable them to deal with alcohol, drug and HIV/AIDS issues.
“Our brains, if fed with positive thoughts, will produce the right kind of result for a peaceful living result in the community,” Iss said.
Previously, with the help of AusAID, through its democratic governance transitional phase (DGTP) programme, the TCHF targeted five sections of the settlement along Buimo Road.
It trained the youths in sports administration, coaching and refereeing soccer.
Other programmes to be conducted include sewing and cooking to help generate income.