Four crew members in isolation


FOUR Papua New Guinea flight crew members have been quarantined in a hotel in Port Moresby after returning from a trip to Cairns, says Police Minister Bryan Kramer.
Kramer said the four were on a chartered flight from Lihir mine in New Ireland on Friday, carrying out the changeover crew of 14 expatriates that worked on the site.
He said the four Papua New Guinean flight members did not touch down in Cairns and were only there to drop off the 14 expatriate workers from Lihir.
“But when they returned to Port Moresby, their temperatures were taken and it was noted that their temperatures were slightly high so they were quarantined in a hotel and will remain there for 14 days,” Kramer said.
“Samples were also taken from them and sent to Goroka for testing.”
He said the state of emergency (SOE) and14-day lockdown restrictions would only apply to inbound international flights and that outbound flights would be allowed to carry passengers who wanted to leave.
“As you all are aware, only flights leaving the country can carry passengers, this is so that we allow our foreign nationals and expatriates to leave the country when they want to.
“However, many of them have decided to remain and to continue their business and offer critical services to the people of this country and for those, we acknowledge their efforts during these times when many people are returning home.”

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  • Why allow them to fly overseas in the first place, please shut down the FLY in FLY out arrangement now,,,the first case came through a mine worker,,,I think we are targeting the wrong areas….

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