Four to study in Aust

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday July 18th, 2012

FOUR Grade 6 students attending the Nondugl Administration Primary School in Jiwaka will travel to Australia this month for a three-month study.
The students are Samuel Tony, Naomi Kuman, Rachael Tarp and Dan Ape.
They will travel under the Australian Rotary International exchange programme.
They will leave on Friday and return on Oct 20.
They will study at the East Maitland Primary School in Newcastle, NSW.
Last year, four students from the Nondugl Administration went to the same school in Newcastle.
This programme will continue for the next three years.
The Rotarians have met all the airfares, tui­tion fees and accom­modation costs.
Jiwaka Rotary mana­ger Frank Goi described it as a big development for the province in education.
He said parents were happy with what Australian Rotary was doing to support their children earn a quality education.
Goi said this would help the students to learn and at the same time they would know the importance of education.
He said this would help them to learn the culture and lifestyle of Australians.
He said the programme had three more years to go and that would help many more students.
Goi said it was an ongoing programme to help develop education in the province.
Goi said apart from the exchange programme,  the Rotarians had helped in other areas such as the renovating of the Nondugl health centre, providing library books and furniture to the primary school.
He said Jiwakans were privileged to have such support from the Australian Rotarians.