Friendly games a success

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THE Army Wives Friendly Games at Taurama Barracks in Port Moresby last month was hailed a success.
It was the first of its kind for the wives of soldiers from the two army elements of Taurama and the Igam in Lae to compete in an event, especially for soldiers’ wives.
It was proposed by the wives of commanding officers of both barracks, Christine Keru, the wife of Lt Col Mark Keru of Igam and Kila Diro, the wife Lt Col Siale Diro of Taurama and it became a reality.
The mothers and wives of the soldiers from Igam Barracks, especially, began carrying out fundraising activities and also appealed to business houses for support.
At least 68 mothers and wives from Igam travelled to Port Moresby to participate over three days.
They competed in basketball, volleyball, netball and soccer.
The overall winners in basketball, volleyball and netball were Taurama One who defeated Taurama Two respectively.