Fugitive spotted in Sogeri

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VILLAGERS at Sogeri outside Port Moresby chased a second prison escapee and shot at him, but he fled into the bushes.
The villagers went after Peter John Plesman, but were unable to catch him.
Escapee Oliver Ben was the first to be caught last Friday, also in the bushes at Sogeri.
He was found on Saturday completely dehydrated and was rushed to the city for medical attention.
He is now back at Bomana prison.
NCD Metropolitan Supt Fred Yakasa said yesterday that Plesman was sighted by villagers in and around the Sogeri Plateau.
He said the villagers shot at him and chased him into the bushes but failed to catch him.
Plesman is from Kataipi village, Woitape in Central province and was serving a 14-year three months sentence for murder and rape.
Plesman was sprung with 11 other high-risk prisoners including alleged bank robber William Kapris around 10 am on Tuesday, Jan 12, from the Bomana Maximum Security Unit.
Supt Yakasa also said six women have been identified as fitting the description of the mystery female “lawyer” who drove into the Maximum Security Unit on the morning of Jan 12.
He said police were working on their whereabouts and would soon be bringing them in for questioning.
As to where the mystery female “lawyer” might be from, Supt Yakasa said it was hard to tell, adding: “I can’t say and I don’t know exactly what she looks like but I expect she must be very beautiful, so beautiful that she distracted the prison warders from even asking her questions (about why she was going to the MSU) and she just drove in (to the MSU).
“I too want to see this ‘beautiful woman’.”
He called on the communities in NCD and neighbouring Central province and also the rest of the country to continue to ring into the NCD and Central Command Centre (phone no: 3413940, 3413944 and 3413941) with any information they might have regarding the escapees.