Full steam ahead with evangelisation!


LAST week, we reviewed the year that was, noting that it was a year of jubilees.
We also saw that Israel is God’s time piece.
From the loins of Abraham, this servant-nation was created to bring forth His truth to the world, and to birth the embodiment of that truth, the Lord Jesus Christ.
Through Christ’s salvific work on Calvary, God now has a redeemed, called-out people from every nation on earth, found in every man-made denomination.
So what happened to the ‘old’ covenant people? Were they replaced by this ‘new’ mob? That ‘replacement theology’ lie has infected many of our churches. Among other places in the Bible, Romans 11 verse 1 and 11 tell us differently. Suffice to say at this point, however, that God expects the church in the nations to pray for His protection and provision for Israel’s return, restoration and revival!
But what else is the church expected to do? Firstly, God wants to raise men and women ‘of Issachar’ who will correctly discern the times and seasons we live in (1 Chron 12:32). Such people will tell you quite clearly that the return of Christ is imminent, and that the ‘man of lawlessness’ is flat out doing his thing to ignite fires of social chaos in every nation (2 Thess 2:3).
Lawlessness, violence, corruption, perverse sexual preferences and other vices are slowly being accepted as normal. One case in point is the swearing in of recently elected openly bi-sexual Arizona senator who refused to be sworn in on the Bible. That’s not surprising!
Note also that those of the ‘tribe of Issachar’ are not date-setters, rather they are ‘season watchers’! We don’t set dates for Christ’s return. Many have gone down that path quite confidently, only to find they were wrong. This has resulted in ‘scoffers’ deriding the word of God and mocking any reference to Christ’s return. That again was prophesied (2 Pet 3:3).
We, however, obey God’s command to ‘watch and pray’ (Luke 21:36), observe the fig tree and the other trees (Luke 21: 29), and prepare our people for what may come ahead.
Along that line, another interesting phenomenon worth noting is the coming ‘wolf blood moon’ happening this weekend on Jan 20-21, the first of three blood moons that will appear on each of the first three months of this year.
They will be clearly visible over America and parts of Europe and Africa. Fascinatingly, this first one is on the second anniversary of Donald Trump’s election as President of USA. Trump is a modern day Cyrus, the king who signed the decree to release the Israelites from the 70 year Babylonian exile (Ezra 1: 1ff).
In the same way, Trump signed the decree in December 2017 to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, despite huge opposition. Will he survive the massive troubles he is implicated in? Has he finished his prophetic role and be moved out to make way for the one who will usher in the antichrist? God’s prophetic calendar is moving along!
Secondly, in discerning the times, we would all agree that the time is right to flood this nation with the word of God. The Great Commission of Matt 28:18-20 is of utmost importance now than it ever was.
Evangelism is important. How else did we all abandon the false gods of our forefathers and trust in the God of Israel – because someone took the time to come across to us and tell us about Jesus.
But I have been hearing some dissatisfaction from certain quarters of the church. A fellow minister told me some years ago, “I am tired of listening to evangelists. They run around on the stage and blow into microphones and people fall down. The evangelist goes away feeling proud, and the people get up, dust themselves off, and continue on living in sin. Nothing has changed. They should stop preaching salvation; the gospel of salvation is outdated. Now is the time to preach about Kingdom.”
Another pastor once said, “enough of preaching; have only teaching. What the church needs now is only teaching, not salvation.”
Anyone who knows his Bible will see my two friends were flawed in their theology. To say no more salvation is to directly contradict the Lord’s command to reach souls. The Great Commission is so important the Lord made sure the four gospels and the book of Acts all have a Great Commission text each! So evangelism in key. Period.
This is because no one can sneak into God’s Kingdom without salvation through the Blood of Jesus. But I agree with their sentiments that there is a dire need for proper teaching of God’s word. Maybe for want of a better terminology, they explained it that way.
Let’s analyse. Look at the simple verse, John 14: 6. “Jesus said, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.” That’s the basic truth of evangelism – no Jesus, no heaven!
But look at process when it is broken up. Jesus said He is the way. No other entrance into the Kingdom, only Jesus. Salvation starts it off but it doesn’t end there. Next, He’s the truth. Now, the truths of Kingdom life, responsibilities and benefits will have to be taught. This is where the concerns are being expressed! This calls for the ministry of the Teacher. Then, finally, He is the life. That’s the ultimate; the fullness of life is found only in Jesus. So that’s the whole process in one verse.
But most churches have parked their vehicles on the first part and have forgotten the rest.
Similarly, let’s analyse a couple of Great Commission texts. Mark 16:15 says, “Go throughout the whole world and preach the gospel to all people.” That is the command to preach. Matt 28: 19-20 says, “…make disciples of all nations… teaching them…”
That’s the command to disciple and teach. So God’s command is to preach the gospel and we cannot rubbish that. But the next is discipling and teaching. That part is usually omitted. These are so important that Ephesians 4: 11-12 lists them as part of the five-fold ministry in the church: “He appointed some to be apostles, others to be prophets, others to be evangelists, others to be pastors and teachers.”
But is that happening in our churches? Are pastors trying to be everything, rather than encouraging the other gifts to operate? Would that be the reason for the sentiments expressed incorrectly?
If Jesus tarries on His return, or we are indeed seeing the final hours of the last days being played out, either way, the church in PNG must be serious about the Father’s Kingdom business. And crucial to that is the operation of all five ascension gifts – including the evangelist and the teacher.
I believe a balanced local church today would comprise of all five gifts operating. Many people run after gifts and even give themselves fancy titles. That is not necessary; your gift will make room for you. Simply operate in the gift you have to complement the work of God.
Finally, the last-day scenario seems quite scary. The prospect of the rise of the anti-Christ, persecution of Christians, 666, Israel attacked, one world government and all the frightening scenarios in the Bible can make us fear.
But all is not doom and gloom for the child of God. Are you truly saved and washed by the blood of the Lamb? If you are a blood-washed born-again believer in Jesus, hold up your head for your redemption draweth nigh (Luke 21:28).
The only ‘escape’ from the coming calamity is to find refuge in Jesus. And the time to do it is now, not after the rapture when it will be too late. Then as the devil takes control of this earth and joins forces with the apostate church (those who have religion and not Jesus), they will be left behind to go through the time of great trouble. But every saved saint of God – both Jew and Gentile – will meet the Savour in the air in the rapture and be with Him for ever (1 Thess 4:17). That is a crucial message for our people to hear.
In 2019, God expects the church to rise up in prayer and fasting, to watch and pray, and to do the work of work of propagating the Kingdom message. We have a window of time left to plunder hell and populate heaven. Let’s not waste it by playing petty church politics or indulging in filth and immorality.
God will equip the church with wealth, power, fire and anointing to bring in the final harvest before the Messiah comes.
Indeed, this is not a frightening time to be alive, but an exciting time as we see a glorious move of God ready to break out in this nation.
Thank God you and I are alive today to be a part of it!

  • Rev Seik Pitoi is a freelance writer.

One thought on “Full steam ahead with evangelisation!

  • That’s very encouraging and thank you, Reverend Seik Pitoi.

    One of God’s greatest gifts to mankind is the “Gift of Choice”. While we are still breathing and alive, we all have the
    ‘CHOICE” to choose where we want to spend our eternity (next life). I once heard that those who get tired of worshiping God are definitely NOT ready for heaven, hence, not heaven bound. We must prepare ourselves now as “Heaven is a prepared place for a prepared people”.

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