Fund issues close 145 aid posts


LACK of a standard approach and coordination of funding and resources to work with their provincial health authorities has seen 145 aid posts closed in 33 local level government areas under district authorities, deputy provincial health adviser Jack Aita says.
“Most of the existing health centres are manned and managed by community health workers in the absence of health extension officers and other personnel,” Aita said.
Aita noted the closure of 145 aid posts was due to no health workers, run down treatment and patient care facilities besides lack of staff accommodation and incomplete delivery of medical supplies to aid posts.
Aita said 360 aid posts had been closed earlier due to similar circumstances. However, issues affecting some were rectified but 145 remained closed in last five years.
“These closed facilities are located within 33 LLGs of nine districts and so questions the ability of respective district health managers and district development authorities about how they have been expending the health component of funding through the district services improvement programme (DSIP)” Aita said.
Some district health managers were not working together and unable to provide health status reports of each district’s to the provincial health division.
Aita said the record of those health workers who had retired, retrenched or died were completed and awaiting the provincial human resource division to advertise their vacant positions so new workers can work.
He said church health agencies are better organised as they train and provide their own work force to manage health facilities, unlike government-run facilities.
“Some health workers applied and are yet to work in health centres,” Aita said.

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