Funds should not be a motive for election

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday July 4th, 2013

 THE national government’s Local Level Government Support Improvement fund allocation of K500,000 to each LLG administration is a motivating factor for people to contest council and presidents’ seats in this year’s elections.

It is impossible for voters to tell at this stage whether the candidates are contesting with the goal of improving services for their respective LLGs or have the ability to fulfil their promises.

I urge the people to vote on Saturday for those LLG contestants who are educated and possess leadership qualities. 

They must vote in councillors and presidents who are visionary and have the right credentials. 

LLG contestants must know the application and functions of provincial and local level government laws as well as the functions of the three arms of government. 

They must not be influenced by politicians and be fully prepared to refer people mismanaging PSIP, DSIP and LLGSIP funds to judicial institutions.

Voters must take note of this and cast their votes for leaders who they think will esure they have access to better services in their respective LLGs.


Mola Taluari 

Via email