Garry sorry for not supporting women in mining areas


MINERAL Resources Authority (MRA) managing director, Jerry Garry, has apologised to women in mining areas who were not given recognition for years since mining activities started in the country.
He apologised during the signing of the Women in Mining programme, a plan aimed at giving women a chance to make a good living.
The programme was launched last Friday in Lae with the signing of a project memorandum of agreement between the women from Hidden Valley mine area and Nationwide Micro Bank (MiBank) to financially manage the programme.
“Women play very important roles in communities and in the country and we overlook women a lot,” Garry said.
“Sorry that this programme is a bit late too.
“We should start this programme when the mine starts.
“If we started earlier, these women will now be on their feet.
“Whether it’s failure on the path of leaders or not, I’m sorry.”
He said this project was part of sustainability and must start from the first day when the mine started.
Garry said when the Wafi-Golpu mine opened, the sustainability programme would start. He also urged the mining company to put money into this programme to support the women.
“In five years’ time, Hidden Valley might close but MRA will continue to help in this programme if you come back with good results and there are positive reports,” he told the women.