Get children off the streets


PAPUA New Guinea is sitting on a time bomb which may explode in the near future.
In almost all cities and towns, you see children on busy street corners begging.
Do these children have their parents, guardians or relatives who can take care of them?
Why dump these innocent kids on the streets to fend for themselves on a daily basis, exposed to sicknesses?
Relevant authorities need to take stock of this issue as soon as possible and put a stop to this before it is too late.
Street kids might one day rule our streets and are quite certain to ruin our lives by robbing businesses and individuals.
I think the police should round up these kids and punish their parents and relatives for neglecting them.
Only such a tough stance will deter people from putting kids onto the streets.
Otherwise, we are sure to reap undesirable results from this.
It is time to take action.

Igutawe Samuel Suri,
Hago D’kekepa

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