GG warns scams a dead end


GOVERNOR-GENERAL Sir Bob Dadae is appealing for a stop to the “cargo cult” mentality of expecting huge sums of money from the Central Bank.
Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Charles Abel also shared the same sentiments and warned people against investing in money scams. Sir Bob, when opening the Bank of PNG’s currency processing facility in Lae on Saturday, said there were many con artists and scammers taking advantage of ordinary people.
He said those scammers deceived people into giving them money believing that in return they would receive huge sums of money from the bank.
“Many of our people have been conned for part of their life’s savings or what little they have, by illegal money scams and schemes,” Sir Bob said.
“The illegal money scams claim Bank of PNG has their money and they will be paid in thousands or even millions.
“These money scammers continue to prey on our people.
“It’s a challenge that we have to overcome in order to see progress in our country.”
Sir Bob said many people had passed on after investing their money in scams.
“Don’t sit around and think that you’ll get free money,” he said.
“You must work hard to earn money.
“There is nothing for scammers at Central Bank.
“Don’t listen to lies from others and give them money.”