Girls receive menstrual hygiene kits


a group of women representing Days for Girls International (DFG) spoke to 300 school girls from Amba Demonstration School, in Lae, last week.
The volunteers spoke to the girls about female hygiene, gave them quality washable reusable environmentally friendly sanitary kits and explained how to use them.
The kits can last up to three years.
Maree Simpson, of DFG, said the kits were made by a band of enthusiastic volunteers in Lae and Australia.
Each kit costs K40 with K12,000 spent on them.
“Each kit takes six to seven hours to make,” Simpson said.
“That’s about 2,000 hours.
“It’s important to us that the girls stay in school and get a full education.
“More educated girls means a stronger community.
“We sincerely thank our major sponsors Wendy and Kevin Christie of New Zealand and the Redlands Chapter DFG, Brisbane, Australia, our other sponsors in Lae, Brian Bell Homecentres, Lionesses, Papindo, Express Freight Management, Niugini Organics Chemcare, Theodist and the New Zealand High Commission.”
She said DFG increased access to menstrual care and education by developing global partnerships, cultivating social enterprises, mobilising volunteers and innovating sustainable solutions that shattered stigmas and limitations for women and girls.

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