Goi praised for building roads and bridges

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JIMI MP Wake Goi has been hailed as “saviour of the people” for initiating road and bridge projects that seem set to benefit more than 60,000 people in the North Waghi and Jimi electorates.
People of Molka 1 and 2 and Kwiona 1 and 2 wards of the Banz local-level government area who live between Sipil junction and Las Wari, the border of North Waghi and Jimi – have praised Goi for initiating about five bridge projects co-funded by the Jimi district development authority and the Works Department at a cost of K3.6 million.
The first bridge at Aprip Creek was already completed by Sweatz Ramat Construction this month and opened up for use as an independence anniversary gift for the people.
Sweatz Ramat is a local company based in Mt Hagen, was engaged to build the other four bridges at Kaunang River, Walke, Enbalim and Nongei Sipngamb Creeks, which are in the North Waghi electorate.
Tunjkup leader John Tai saluted Goi for his non-discriminatory approach to building good road and bridge projects which benefitted the people of North Waghi.
“Five of these bridge projects are not in the Jimi electorate but since the only road access into Jimi runs through North Waghi, we are very fortunate to benefit from quality bridges and road,” he said.
“Goi has also brought electricity into our area in the past. He is now building the 33km Banz-Karap Road and is working on the Karap-Kol Road as well.
“I salute him because he is delivering very impact projects that people have only been dreaming of and praying for.
“Finally, the people of Jimi and North Waghi are seeing and experiencing what government service really is.”
Goi said he was looking forward to having electrification projects next year after the completion of road and bridge projects.

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