Gold drilling in Maprik launched

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The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014


MAPRIK MP John Simon launched the drilling programme for Alexander Mining Ltd, a subsidiary of Alexander Resources Pte Ltd (Singapore) at Nambawan Gold Creek, Midiamin village, Maprik last Friday. 

Simon switched on the P4 Cortec rig in the presence of company director James Das.

Earlier, village chiefs and resource owners performed the ceremonial animal blood sprinkling on the drill site “to gain nature’s favour”.

In a remark, Simon pledged his commitment to work with the company during the exploration and actual mining operations, if they hit gold.

“I am giving the company my full support because I want my people here to have access to better roads, schools, health centres and other essential services.

“I can put up a road here, but who will continually maintain it. 

“As the national member, I also have the responsibility to attend to the same problems in other areas of the electorate but I can not satisfy all.

“I am grateful that we have an investor who is happy to put his money here and help me develop this area for us.

“I can tell from the cooperation that you, my people had given to the company, that you are happy with this project and I will not stand against you. 

“As long as you are happy with the project, I am also happy and I am supporting it,” Simon said.

He said he was giving K10,000 each to Yamil, Jologun and Midiamin villages to help with their Incorporated Land Group (ILG) registrations and would provide further assistance should they need it.

Simon also called on the villagers to be wary of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and other anti-development groups, who will try to stop the project but cannot provide alternative development projects.

Alexander Mining general manager Gerard Manggal acknowledged Simon for protecting the interest of his people and the investor.

“I am happy that we have one MP who is pro-development.”