Good Samaritan deed will live on

Letters, Normal

The National- Tuesday, January 25, 2011

 YOUR story “New bridge over Munga River” on the donation from John Pung of Sedtech Construction Ltd is an act of a “Good Samaritan” (The National, Jan 20).

 The Las Kama people in the Mul-Baiyer electorate of the Western Highlands were greatly disadvantaged when the old bridge was washed away by flash floods two years ago, their lifeline was cut off from the rest of the province.

Neither the governor nor the local MP heard the people’s cries, or if they heard it they were too preoccupied with big national issues, to worry about an isolated village that lies north of Mt Hagen. 

Life was so hard that some of our old folks and mothers and children had never seen Mt Hagen in two years because it was too dangerous to cross the river on a daily basis. 

In time of such desperate need, the timely donation from John Pung was a real blessing that touched the hearts of everyone in the community. 

To provide such a communal capital infrastructure worth K100,000 takes someone with a big heart to do that. 

Such gesture speaks volume of someone who knows no bounds, no limitation and no hesitation to meet the need of a community that was at dire straits no matter what the costs was.

Never in WHP you would hear such a generous donation from an individual that benefited not just a group but an entire community. This is for sure the first of its kind.. Mr. Pung you have for such won the hearts of us as this vital infrastructure will benefit not only this generation but the generations to come. 

There is a saying: “Don’t ever seek to be the greatest. Seek instead to do great things. If you aspire for greatness, your greatness will die with you. But if you aspire to do great things, your legacy will live on”. As such the John Pun Bridge is a great thing for the people of Las Kama that will live on.



PS Mamp