Gordon buai stalls a traffic hazard

Letters, Normal

The National – Monday, June 27, 2011

THE buai market at Gordon (near the Courts roundabout) in Port Mo­resby has turned into a very busy area.
Often, motorists park their vehicles along the road to buy or chew their buai and, in doing so, they create a danger zone for other motorists.
Some also slow down or stop suddenly without any consideration for other motorists.
Worse, some would just cut across the road to make a U-turn.
Accidents are waiting to happen.
Fortunately, other moto­rists have learned to slow down and watch for these inconsiderate dri­vers.
While I believe informal trading is a good thing as it provides people with an opportunity to make an honest living, it should be done properly.
The NCDC is clearly not exercising its responsibility to the community.
The same can also be said of the police, whose members frequent the stalls regularly.
Both authorities are not hauling up drivers for their irresponsible road manners, and the traders for not keeping the area clean.
Or perhaps they have given it up as a lost cause.


Port Moresby