Goroka police determined to change behaviour

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POLICE in Goroka seem determined to change their behaviour after they went out for a major cleanup of the Eastern Highlands capital on Saturday.
Provincial police station commander Senior Sergeant Madzuc Rubiang confirmed that the exercise was a testimony to the officers and their family members’ intention to change their behaviour and attitude towards their performance, superiors and the rule of law.
“When we clean up rubbish in Goroka town, we also want to clean up ourselves to get rid of bad attitudes and practices,” he said.
Rubiang said all the policemen and their family members in Minogore and the Sepika police barracks woke up early, assembled at the Goroka Police Station and started from there to clean up and move about around town streets and shop fronts.
“It is only a beginning, we will continue to do clean up on public streets and shop fronts, especially where we see areas where it needs to be cleaned up, we will move in to clean up,” Rubiang said.
He called on stakeholders, especially business houses in Goroka town, to support the worthy cause by providing them with tools and drums for rubbish.
Rubiang said to change someone’s behaviour, you have to start with yourself and that is what we are doing to have a general change in our overall performance.
The officers and their families unanimously agreed to do clean up every fortnight weekends.

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