Goroka students exchange gifts to end two-week feud

Highlands, Normal


STUDENTS from two secondary schools in Eastern Highlands province, have exchanged cows, along with a pig, K2,000 in cash and foodstuffs to end a two-week conflict.
The reconciliation ceremony, initiated by the administrators of the two schools, took place at the National Sports Institute in Goroka last Tuesday.
Goroka Secondary School principal John Onga told the students that it was important to end their differences as the Grades 10 and 12 examinations were approaching.
His students had clashed with their counterparts from Bena Bena Secondary School at Goroka Peace Park two weeks ago.
The fighting spilled over to the streets, disrupting traffic and sending members of the public running for cover from stones and other items that were hurled at each other.
The fight between the two schools was the first and should be the last, Mr Onga said when presenting K2,000 to Bena Bena Secondary School chairman Roderick Fonove.
They agreed that if the same happened again, the administration would not intervene anymore and the students would have to be responsible for their own actions.
Eastern Highlands education adviser Conrad Esoke, provincial police commander Chief Insp Augustine Wampe and Goroka Mayor Koni Sari were also present.