Governors concerned about state of Highlands Highway

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The seven Highlands governors are concerned on the state of the Highlands Highway and law-and-order issues in all provinces.
The governors – Sir Peter Ipatas (Enga), Paias Wingti (Western Highlands), Peter Numu (Eastern Highlands), Michael Dua (Chimbu), William Powi (Southern Highlands), Philip Undialu (Hela) and Dr William Tongamp (Jiwaka) – were united on these at their conference in Wabag yesterday.
They said uncontrolled use of guns and rampant consumption of homebrew had to be addressed urgently.
Inter-Government Relations Minister Kevin Isifu, who chaired the meeting, said the Government would look into the concerns raised including funding and maintenance of the Highlands Highway.
He said a resolution on the three main agenda raised yesterday would be announced soon.
Isifu said: “I’m impressed with the participation.
“All seven governors from the Highlands region are present. Good mix of leaders with wealth of experience.
“I have a good feeling that we will come up with good resolutions.
“Highlands Highway is an important link.
“Lots of projects are in the region.” Sir Peter said the region had more than three million people.
First-time MP Numu said he was privileged to learn from senior politicians like Sir Peter and Wingti on issues affecting the region and how they could be addressed.
“It’s the first time all our governors are taking time to get together and discuss,” he said.
Wingti said stable leadership was a recipe for progressive developments in provinces, pointing out Enga as an example.

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