Govt intact, says Abal

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The National- Tuesday, January 25, 2011


DEPUTY Prime Minister Sam Abal has assured Papua New Guineans that the government is intact and would continue to lead the country into the 2012 general elections under the leadership of Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.

He said under the leadership of Sir Michael the government had stabilised in the last eight years and there was no need for a new prime minister.

Abal was reacting to speculations made by the opposition that there was a rift in the National Alliance Party and that a vote of no confidence was looming.

He said Sir Michael was an elected leader who had the commonwealth record of being in parliament for over 40 years and should be respected by everyone including the media.

Abal said the government had come up with visions and plans in the last eight years and would start with implementation of these visions and plans this year.

He said the nation should also remain united despite challenges and praised Sir Michael for uniting the people of many languages and diverse cultural backgrounds.

Foreign Affairs Minister Don Polye also reaffirmed his commitment to the party adding that there was no split in the NA highlands block.

He said the opposition had been making unnecessary accusation against the government including the vote of no confidence but they do not have policies and plans in place to move the country forward.