Govt must local business people

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, 27th May 2011

I READ with interest about the Morobe governor’s recent call to the government to support local businessmen and women.
Why is he making this call now?
There are hundreds of business people struggling with limited financial resources.
While some have managed to make it good, many are forced to give up because of financial constraints.
I support the idea of a PNG Chamber of Indi­genous Businesses provided it can help business people source for crucial funds.
At the moment, there is absolutely no flexibility in the loan process and the conditions are almost impossible to meet.
It would be good if the government can step in and provide loans to business people.
The government must set strict guidelines and certify they are PNG-owned businesses before providing loans.
I am confident this will bring us to the next level.\

Struggling businessman
Port Moresby