Govt must maintain existing highways

Letters, Normal

SINCE the Somare Government took office, it has prioritised the rural population in its planning and budget allocation.
This is where the majority of the country’s population dwell.
However, the Government must also consider maintaining and upgrading existing infrastructures in the country if it wants to bring services effectively to the rural population.
Many infrastructures have not been maintained and they continue to deteriorate.
An example is the Madang-Lae highway.
The Usino-Bundi portion of the “highway” is a muddy track.
The deteriorating highway has proven costly to business houses in Madang as most of them depend heavily on the highway.
They are forced to stretch their budgets by resorting to expensive alternatives because of that particular section of the highway.
Other roads in the province are facing similar problems.
The Government must act on this quickly as it is worsening with the current changes in weather pattern.
If the Government can spend money on luxury toys such as the Falcon, why can’t it maintain a simple thing like our roads?
The people of Madang will soon benefit from the recently launched 4-Mile to Mawan  road.
But it was shame that Sir Michael Somare and some of his cabinet ministers enjoyed a helicopter ride to remote Mawan instead of experiencing firsthand the deteriorating road.


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