Govt releases 65% LLG grants

National, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

THE government has released about 65% of the K318 million set for functional and administration and local level government grants, the chief executive of the National Economic and Fiscal commission Noa Badu said.
He spoke during a presentation at the National Development forum last week.
He said the rest would be released before the end of the 2012 fiscal year.
“It is very encouraging for provinces to receive their grants within the implementation time-frame so they can effectively provide basic services to their rural people,” Badu said.
He also cautioned the provinces to adhere to budget processes and time-frames.
He said that provinces that failed were unnecessarily putting pressure on the department of Treasury.
That created bottlenecks in processing budgets, which then resulted in the late release of warrants which ultimately impacted on service delivery.
Badu said 68% of LLG funding was released by July 31 and 61% of village court allowances – a total  of K50,398,600.
He said Treasury would release the final quarter of the 2012 goods and services grants by the end of this month.