Govt saved K6mil with Gr12 online selection: Czuba

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THE new online selection process for grade 12 students has proven to be effective, saving the government more than K6 million in its first year, an official says.
Department of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Secretary Father Jan Czuba said they had been spending a huge amount in the past on the selection process.
“It used to take us more than three weeks to complete the selection processes when we were using the manual method,” he said.
“Selectors has to go through details of each student one by one (which was a lot of work).”
The new online selection system is more effective, with the selection of more than 8500 students in just less than an hour yesterday.
The students’ results were accessed by the higher education and the respective universities through the online results made available by the Measurement Service Unit of the Education Department.
The students made their choices online on the courses offered by the universities.
The online system then selected students according to their final marks.
The results are made available online. Students can then make adjustments to the choices they made.
The results will be available online today.

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