Govt will support digital transmission

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The National, Thursday 6th September, 2012

THE government is supportive and willing to provide leadership to move from analogue to digital in meeting the global trend in broadcasting.
Communication and Information Technology Minister Jimmy Miringtoro said this when launching a three-day workshop on “analogue to digital switch­over” on Tuesday.
The workshop aims to establish an analogue ‘switch-off roadmap’ for the country.
It was attended by stakeholders in the electronic media sector.
An “analogue switch-off” means that television information will be transferred via satellite rather than transmitting information through cables.
That will enable efficient and quality data transmission as well as using gadgets such as mobile phones to access television signals.
In addition, viewers will enjoy better quality audio and pictures.
Digitalising the broadcast network will enable more broadcast space, which means that viewers will have a greater choice of channels to watch and that will bring about competition and affordable television services.
Miringtoro said the government stood willing to provide leadership in ensuring a smooth migration when the analogue switch-off was done.
He said the aim of the migration process through the establishment of the roadmap was to ensure all analogue services transitioned to digital networks.
“Different countries have taken different approaches on their migration journey, and I would like PNG to use these hard-earned experiences and lessons learnt as we embark on our own.”
PNG, like other developing nations, is expected to fully digitalise its networks by June 17, 2020.
Miringtoro said he was confident International Telecommunication Union consultant Collin Knowles would be a great help in framing the country’s roadmap.
He said Knowles had served in PNG before and held senior a management role with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation for almost 12 years.
Miringtoro said he hoped to take the roadmap and later transform it into a National Executive Council submission.