Gr 10s in Jimi await certificates

National, Normal

The National – Wednesday, February 2, 2011

GRADE 10 students attending Jimi High School in Western Highlands are still waiting for their certificates to be delivered to their school before continuing their education.
Parents of 90 students are pestering the school and the administration to immediately deliver the certificates to the school before school year commences.
Since last year, several attempts have been made by the school to the education division regarding the certificates, but there was no response.
Head teacher John Kamb said in Mt Hagen last Friday that the prolonged delay was building frustration among the students and their parents.
He said students needed their certificates to know their marks and their placing, adding that they could not go to a school without a certificate.
Kamb said the measurement service unit (MSU) was delaying the whole process and forcing the students and parents to suffer and also ignoring the rights of receiving education.
He said the school would commence next week and it would not be good if these students were left out when MSU was not performing.
He said the Education Department needed to do a proper network system so that it would provide appropriate information in the future to all schools.
Kamb urged MSU to organise because such delays were forcing schools to face more problems.
He said this was an important issue that needed to be addressed by the department because PNG was the only country around the world that had a poor and weak education system.
Kamb also said parents were still confused and did not have any idea which school their children would attend.
He said the problem had been affecting other schools in the Highlands as well.
He said Jimi was a remote electorate in the province and education was given a first priority and it was not good when MSU was making a prolong delay.