Grand coalition may be the answer

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday 12th December 2011

THE Supreme Court is expected to make a ruling on the legality of Peter O’Neill as the prime minister today.
This case will go into our history books.
Our leaders must be responsible for any decision-making process.
Voters elect the leaders to make wise decisions for the common good of the people and country.
History has shown that political power play gives rise to bad governance.
This type of administration contributes to the sufferings people endured in various settings.  
A country will cease to be a country if no people dwell on the land.
Government is in existence be­cause of the people, and as they say: “Government is by the people and for the people”.
The government must make it a priority to ensure that the people’s welfare is taken into consideration every time a decision is being made.
In my view, the ideal option would be for both the government and opposition to put aside their differences and form a grand coalition in the remaining months of this term of parliament.
The moment has come for the people to analyse whom to vote into parliament next year.
However, continuous political wrangling creates anxiety and confusion among the voters.
If there is a grand coalition, there is no opposition and anti-corruption organisations can keep check and ba­lance during this interim period.
I urge the speaker to show some leniency in rescinding his decision to terminate Grand Chief Sir Michael Somare from holding the East Sepik regional seat.
Let the Grand Chief serve out his term.
Despite many criticisms, the Somare-led government has provided excellent leadership in the past nine years.
Sir Michael has been in active po­litics for 40 years before his removal by the speaker.
He should be applauded for all that he has done for this country in various capacities during the course of his tenure.
Let the Supreme Court make a ruling on the legitimacy of the current regime unhindered.
Whatever the outcome, I still think the formation of a grand coalition will stamp out unnecessary problems.
Our actions today might bring ne­gative consequences for generations to come.
The aftermath of our bad decisions will return one day to haunt our children.
We must not negate our future posterity.
Most of what we do today are for tomorrow and tomorrow is for someone else that we don’t know but are part of us.
Equally significant is that good government and stable leadership will give a respectable image of our country in the eyes of the business communities overseas.
Good governance is a secret weapon that attracts and pulls investors into the country.
Our country is enjoying an economic boom.
We simply cannot afford to settle for anything less than having a government of high standing and integrity
to set pace for current and future ge­nerations.

Komeali Kapo Ropa