Group calls for lowering of flag


THE Catholic Professionals Society of PNG has called for the LGBTQ (lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer) flag to be lowered, saying that it was a threat to the country’s moral standing as a Christian nation.
The society’s president Paul Harricknen said PNG was founded on the preamble of a Christian foundation and local tradition.
“We have nothing against the LGBTQ community, our forum here today (yesterday) is about foreign governments pursuing their interest in our country,” he said.
“It’s about the flag been raised, such an action makes a statement and we are against that statement because marriage is a union between a man and a woman.”
Harricknen called on the leaders to reject the protagonists and provocateurs and their intentions.
“We call on our leaders of Government, civil service, churches and people to be vigilant against any blind reception of advices and terms and conditions from foreign aid givers and funding donors which are aimed at eroding and destroying our founding values, beliefs, faith and morality.
“We believe the LGBTQ campaign is one of the hidden agendas being pushed by foreign and international organisations and governments with impunity and disrespect to our norms and beliefs.
“We have a duty to safeguard these values, beliefs and principles for the present and future generations. We hope the Government can take heed of this issue. If PNG is to pursue the dream of becoming the richest black Christian nation, then issues of moral values and principles, beliefs and faith must be vigilantly safeguarded.”
Harricknen said they were not trying to incite any hate or violence against the community but only wanted the flag to be lowered.


  • The flag should stay up. Papua New Guineans need to show far more respect for our faggots and dykes.

  • I for one would support the removal of the flag. The message is very strong and clear. Marriage has to happen between a male and a female. Do not be influenced by what is happening around the world. Ask your own conscience and you should know what is wrong and right. Just my thoughts. Thank you.

  • It is very painful & irritating to hear such things & then someone is promoting what we know is evil, yet with ignorance are raising a flag, if this is their will, then we pray let the will of the Lord be done. this Nation is a
    dedicated Nation, we belong to God, we can not promote evil by raising flag……

    • Very strong message for everyone to take note. Seriously the government should consider it as a threat and act accordingly.

  • PNG is a Christian nation with no bill of any kind passed on the so called LGBTQ (lesbian gay bisexual transgender queer). The only flag that should be raised is the flag of Papua New Guinea. Any campaign, protest or flag raising by these group is illegal. Police should detained this group of idiots.

  • It is a disgrace to the creation of God and the purpose of HIs Creation and a SIN against God. WE have our GOD FEARING Prime Minister who tries to keep us the citizens of this country to raise the laws and commandments of God Almighty high and not those DISGRACEFUL IDIOTS who bring in their satanic movements. Please Good prime minister protect our Christain nation from such evil doings which are not legal in our country and customary laws

  • Once LGBTI is accepted in our society, moral decline slides faster down the slippery slope. Warning it does not end there, other forms of evil lurks waiting for a society that accepts it. Do not accept the flag and what it stands for…

  • If we allow gay and lesbian marriage, tell me how do we procreate mankind or make children? However on the other side, it is good for birth control.

  • Why is the flag being raised? Is the Government keeping a blind eye on the issues regarding the Gay and lesbians practice in Papua New Guinea? Its about time we practice what we preach about “PNG Being a Christian Country”. Stop the Gay and Lesbian practice, its evil and its against our belief, principle and moral values of this country.

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