Group rejects K600,000 payout

National, Normal

The National – Friday, December 24, 2010

THE Benaria landowner group has rejected K600,000 cheque payment of business development grants accusing Department of Commerce and Industry officers of corruption.
Chairman of the segment of Benaria Pipeline Association Simon Danny claimed last night that as a signatory to the UBSA and LBBSA, his group was entitled to 14.03% of the K16 million for pipeline landowners.
He said 14.03% equated to about K2.6 million for his landowners and the company Beba Hoya Umbrella Company.
“Instead the Department of Commerce and Industry made the break-up paying two individuals who are not signatories to the UBSA and LBBSA and part of that payment to a PDL 8 licence area company which is also double dipping.”
“The government has not honoured its agreement with part of the money going to wrong hands which I suspect was done in collusion with Commerce and Industry officers.” Danny said.
He said he rejected the K600,000 cheque and had an argument with the DCI officials and stormed out of the March Girls Resort where the payments were made.
Danny called on Minister Gabriel Kapris and Commerce and Industry to pay the exact amount that equates to 14.03% of the K16 million or forget about the pipeline going through his segment of Benaria.
“I am the association and company chairman and the people gave me the mandate and I am not happy,” Danny said.
Danny was supported by Benalia Dimuga, Taiya Kembo and Jack Dipale who fronted up at The National office last night to express their frustration.