Group supports issue of permit


A GROUP of landowners in the K18.4 billion Wafi-Golpu project agree with granting of the environment permit and the use of deep sea tailings placement.
Chairman Bill Itamar, of the Babwa and Saab land group of the Magense land special mining lease 10, where the proposed project sits, said they supported the Government’s decisions.
“We supported the Government in the signing of the environment permit,” he said.
“We are with the Government and the State negotiating team and we encourage all the landowners to leave aside their differences and work together to achieve maximum benefits for our people of Wampar, Mumeng LLG, Huon Gulf and Morobe.”
“We also support deep sea tailings placement (DSTP) because our area is according to studies waterlogged and if the rainfall increases, it will not support the waste from Wafi-Golpu.
“Wafi-Golpu is bigger than 10 mines in PNG put together and if the waste is placed on a mountain, you a sitting on a time bomb because at any time it will explode.
“Wampar and Watut and Huon Gulf will be destroyed.
“That’s why we are not supporting the provincial government because it is our land.”
The provincial government is opposing the Government’s decisions to issue the permit and confirm the use of the DSTP.
But Itamar suggested that the mine waste be disposed of through DSTP for another 1,000 metres below sea level to avoid it being carried by the current towards Salamaua and Finschhafen.
The environmental permit was granted last month.
The construction alone is expected to cost K17.26 million to be undertaken by developers Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd and Newcrest Mining Ltd.

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