Gure to have airstrips operational


RIGO MP Lekwa Gure, has pledged to make operational its three local airstrips in its five-year development plan.
He said this when witnessing his district development authority (DDA) presenting a new tractor to Mamalo farmers in Port Moresby this week.
“Rigo Inland has three local airstrips, Dorobisoro is operational but Mt Brown and Aura airstrips are not operational,” Gure said.
“I will take representatives of each area with me on an aerial inspection next month to visit these airstrips and see what we can do to start the revival process.”
Gure, a former pilot, said the work he envisioned on the airstrips would make it operational again and allow for the areas to be opened up for development.
Gure said during the trip, he would also deliver some materials to the local communities such as first aid medical kits, medicines, sewing machines, cloths and some solar kits.
He said he would also visit the villages in his electorate to discuss ways to encourage farming of cash crops and how to help farmers.
He said the idea was to revive the agricultural sector by influencing people to take part.
Gure said he would also spend time listening to what the villagers thought was about their most pressing needs.
He added that he would identify sites to erect a communication tower and identify ring roads.

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