Handle cases delicately


THE magnitude of perception towards people contracting the coronavirus in PNG right now is the same as people living with HIV/AIDS.
This is a worse scenario that can lead to mental health and redress if we stigmatise and discriminate victims.
Handling of the current situation, we cannot blame people of the way they respond to such sensitive issues.
People’s reaction and approaches are driven with fear because of incompetent, misleading and insufficient information coming out from responsible leading coronavirus responds team.
Media plays an important role in disseminating information but will only act upon advice and approval especially when we have SOE directives, command and control in place.
My point is, recovered coronavirus victims deserve to integrate properly into their families and communities after diminishing their reputation.
Sensitivity surrounding the contraction of this deadly virus is high so they need official clearance from responsible authorities to make them free.
When, sooner or later, they need to know.
Publish full history and medical examination documentation of the four reported recovered cases for public consumption.
The report should be made public and published especially in the front pages of our two mainstream daily newspapers the same way as reported to the nation as confirmed cases.
I think this dejected woman from East New Britain recorded as first confirmed local Covid-19 case and others have the right to take necessary action against the responsible authorities for mishandling their coronavirus contact tracing, diagnostic history and examination documentation.

Hanam Bill Sandu,

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  • Well said Hanam Bill Sandu…

    It is evident that the Local COVID 19 victims in PNG have experienced the worst Stigma and Discrimination like the first patients of HIV/AIDS in the late 80’s to early 90’s. Just an observation

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