Hannah making her mark in the US


THEY call the United States the Land of Opportunity and Hannah Oaisa, 21, is making the most of it.
Hannah is the eldest of three girls in her family. Her younger sisters are Joyce and Cathy.
Dad Silas Oaisa is from Inawi village, Kairuku. He works for the Exxon Mobil’s PNG LNG project. Mum Lenny is from Biak, Papua, Indonesia.
Hannah is into her second year pursuing a four-year computer science degree programme at the Engineering and Computer Science faculty of the Cedarville University in Ohio, United States. She expects to complete the course in May 2023.
In Port Moresby, she had attended the Living Light Academy, Foursquare, Kaugere from 2007 to 2013, Boroko Primary School, Salvation Army in 2014 and St Joseph’s International Catholic College from 2015 to 2018.
Hannah applied and was offered a place by both the Cedarville University in Ohio and Whitworth University in Washington State. She chose Cedarville University because it offered a part-scholarship.
She made it to the Dean’s list for 2020 spring semester which is a big achievement.
“I am thankful to God for His blessings. My accomplishment is to glorify His name. I feel honored and humbled to receive such recognition and never thought I would make it to the Dean’s List. It made me realise that nothing is impossible. It is an encouragement and motivation for me to work harder.”
Dad Silas had been planning to take his family overseas so that the three girls can study there. But this is on hold.
“We are grateful to the Lord that this recognition was given to Hannah by the dean of her faculty (Engineering and Computer Science). We had planned to go to New Zealand but God had another plan for us, especially for Hannah.
“It was God’s divine intervention in every step of the journey for her to be where she is now, starting from applying for admission, going through the process in meeting the requirements of the universities and getting her student visa. It was a long and arduous process but in the end God made it possible.”

“ I never thought I would make it into the Dean’s List. It made me realise that nothing is impossible. It is an encouragement and motivation for me to work harder.”
The Oaisa family (from left): Hannah, dad Silas, Joyce, mum Lenny and Cathy. Picture supplied.

Dad Silas is proud of what Hannah has achieved so far.
“We are proud of her achievements. It shows that Papua New Guineans can also meet the standards of education in developed countries such as the USA.
“We thank the Lord for giving her the opportunity to be accepted at the university but we never thought that the university would be recognising her academic achievement and by naming her on the university’s Dean’s List for the 2020 spring semester.”
Mum Lenny thanks the Holy Spirit for giving Hannah the wisdom to be on that list.

Hannah Oaisa

“It is a blessing and through God’s grace that she is where she is now.”
Oaisa wants to qualify for the Computer Science degree and become a software developer.
“Because of the ever-growing demand for technology, many industries need software. I would like to develop systems and networks for user applications.
“I plan to also develop different innovative technologies that can help improve and transform the living style in Papua New Guinea, new technology that has the potential to improve health care, communication, business, and education system.”
With God’s grace and blessing, plus her commitment and industry, Hannah looks certain to achieving her goal.


  • So thankful for you & your accomplishments, Hanna. May you continue to look to the Lord for the guidance you need as you continue your studies at Cedarville. It is also a special blessing to hear the testimony of you & your parents. Blessings on you all.

  • Well done and Congratulations Hannah and Family. A wonderful story indeed.

    With the faith the family have in God, Hannah is sure to soar and reach new heights.

    With God nothing is impossible. Matthew 19:26.

    Surely, Hannah will have a story to tell, maybe another ten years from now.

  • God has a divine plan for this nation, you are one of them Hannah, God’s plan is to give this nation only to Son & daughters, who only can do his will, if the great Almighty has chosen you for such a time as this, you can make some great differences in the locality you set your feet,upon your return back to the nation, The Lord bless you with more in wisdom in your studies……….

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