Haoda urges smart business dealings

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The National, Wednesday October 16th, 2013

 GOOD attitude is an integral part of managing a business enterprise, a business and life-skills workshop has been told.

Central Governor Kila Haoda told 81 participants of a Ginigoada-facilitated business and life-skills training at Tubuserea village, Central, during their graduation last Friday to utilise the skills and knowledge gained from the training to succeed in their businesses. 

Haoda said the knowledge and skills they had learned could only be realised if they mastered the courage to use them.

He encouraged them to be business-minded by being smart, patient, hardworking and sober. 

Haoda shared his experiences of success and mistakes and how he struggled to own a large resort. 

He encouraged them to ask God for inspiration as he did when he started off with a small trade-store. 

Ginigoada Foundation director, Michael Fields, encouraged the graduates to apply the skills they had acquired.

Participant Therese Hane assured guests they would use their skills in establishing and managing small businesses to sustain them. 

The training was held for two weeks at the village.

Participants were taught the basics of starting and managing a small business, how to price items and understanding customer-market relationship.